Story number 2 for 9 Aug 2002

By August 9, 2002

(Uganda)–Next, rebel threats in northern Uganda have many aid groups on edge. The Lords Resistance Army has threatened attacks on aid groups if they don’t leave the area. Food for the Hungry’s Keith Wright says many families have been victimized by the LRA. “Abducting children and youth. That’s how he recruits. Several thousand children have been abducted over the years. We’ve been working in Northern Uganda with child development programs and child sponsorship because the area has tremendous need. Last week, unfortunately, two of our sponsored children were abducted.” Wright says because there are more than a half-million displaced people, their 26-dollar a month child sponsorship program is desperately needed. He says Food for the Hungry is working with churches. “We see our roll as working with churches so that they can perform the roll that God has for them in their country…kind of helping them to reach out in their communities and make a difference. So, we partner with churches in every community where we work.”

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