Story number 2 for 9 Jun 2000

By June 9, 2000

Elsewhere, the Nigerian state of Kano announced this week they’ll be phasing in Islamic law. Gospel Revival Ministries is working in that country in evangelism, discipleship and church planting. We talked with a Nigerian pastor who’s being threatened with death by Muslim radicals. He says the implementation of Sharia law is not affecting church growth. “Some of the churches, even in the Muslim populated areas state that they are growing at an alarming rate. People are coming to know the truth.” Gospel Revivial Ministries is helping this pastor with well drilling programs and AIDS education as a way to open doors to share the Gospel. This pastor says people need to pray for these Muslim people who are coming to Christ. “They face a lot of persecution because somebody from a Muslim background gives his or her life to Christ they face the danger of death if they fail to denounce their faith.” Riots broke out on February 21st, demonstrating against Islamic law. Many believe that could happen again.

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