Story number 2 for 9 Mar 2001

By March 9, 2001

(Ethiopia)–Elsewhere, peacekeeping troops have taken up positions along the disputed Ethiopia-Eritrea border, after Ethiopian troops withdrew from the area. The war itself has drained the economies of both countries, leaving desolation etched on the faces of the citizens and refugees. That’s where the Gospel changes lives, according to The Bridge International. Working in a partnership with TBI is Bart Repko. “There is a lot of agony and despair. People are longing for hope. The Muslims are ‘evangelizing’ as are the Christians, so there is this competition. But, I think there is a lack of teaching and basic training.” Repko adds that despite the need for resources, believers are finding many ways to live the Gospel, with predictable results. “Many people in Ethiopia are coming to know Jesus. For instance, Christians have access to the prisons and they evangelize and they bring medicines and blankets, and well, that’s really exciting to witness that.”

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