Story number 2 for 9 May 2002

By May 9, 2002

(USA)–Meanwhile, International Messenger’s Darwin Anderson says they’re facing a similar situation. They need 20 volunteers to help with conversational English camps in Poland and Hungry. “We’re looking for adults that would be willing to give us a couple of weeks to go and do relationship based evangelism. We have a method in these conversational English camps to provide, kind of, the environment for believers and unbelievers to mix. Good conversational English teaching is the hook.” Anderson says terrorism is scaring potential camp workers. “After 9-11 the local churches have kind of circled their wagons and have decided that once the horizon darkened here a little bit at home they’re going to take care of their home interest and maybe not look overseas quite as readily. And so, that is a definite recipe for disaster in a local church.” You can find short-term mission opportunities at our web site, MissionNetworkNews-dot-org. Just follow the link to Short Term Missions.

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