Story number 3 for 1 Aug 2002

By August 1, 2002

(China)–It’s estimated that nearly a quarter of China’s population is under the age of 18. That translates to millions of young people who could be reached with the Gospel. However, when Trans World Radio looked into the possibilities of outreach there, they ran into an obstacle. TWR’s Rich Greene. “China has a policy of forbidding religious teaching to children under the age of 18-that’s an official government policy. And yet, we’re told that there are untold numbers of leaders in China who are committed to teaching children about Jesus.” In light of that, Greene says they’re developing a ministry that works within the country’s laws. “We’re already beginning to prepare new programs to help train Sunday School leaders by radio. So, we’re very excited by this new development and believe God is going to use it as He has used other programs.”

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