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Published on 01 December, 1999

Story number 3 for 1 Dec 1999

Intense fighting in Sri Lanka has been fierce as of late in a16-year-old conflict that has claimed more than 58,000 lives. Trans World Radio’s Richard Greene says despite that: “We have been very fortunate at Trans World Radio to have been blessed with protection of our staff as well as our facilities that we utilize in island nation. We’re very thankful to the Lord for how He has given us a continued ministry without hindrance from Sri Lanka to the vast continent of India.” In fact, Greene adds that there are new developments. “We’re going to be dedicating a new transmitter and a new antennae system on December 9th and we certainly praise the Lord that He’s provided this system so that we can have a stronger, more effective ministry to India.”

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About Sri Lanka

  • Primary Language: Sinhala
  • Primary Religion: Buddhism
  • Evangelical: 1.2%
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