Story number 3 for 1 Nov 2000

By November 1, 2000

JAARS is using a shoe box to help them in Bible translation around the world. JAARS, which speeds up Bible translation by providing quality service for Wycliffe Bible Translators, has developed the Shoebox five computer program. Bud Frank is JAARS Director of Computer and Communications Services. He describes what it does. “Every time we learn a new word, we put in the word, it’s translation. We can put in an illustration – illustrious sentence. Just like a dictionary entry you might see in an English Dictionary. So, it’s a tool to keep track of our data as well as in the analysis of these unwritten languages around the world that we’re working with.” Frank says Shoebox Five gets scripture into the hands of the people so they can come to the saving knowledge of Christ, but they can’t do it without help. “Some people think that to be a missionary you’ve got to go out and be a preacher or a doctor or something. But, we need school teachers, accountants, managers and secretaries, mechanics, pilots and computer people.”

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