Story number 3 for 10 Jul 2003

By July 10, 2003

(Brazil)–Young people in Brazil are catching the vision for global outreach. Global Advance recently held a Frontline Shepherds Conference in Manaus, Brazil. G-A’s Doctor David Shibley was able to address young people as part of the conference. “Perhaps one of the greatest preaching experiences in my life was to preach a Great Commission message to thousands of Brazilian young people and see two-thousand Brazilian teenagers respond to give their lives for missionary service. I see this as perhaps one of the most thrilling things that’s happening in the entire body of Christ is an enormous willingness to go, particularly to the 10/40 Window.” Shibley says American Christians can be involved in this outreach, too. “Helping to fund some of these Brazilian missionaries who are far more easily capable of getting into certain areas, where Americans find it very difficult to go.”

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