Story number 3 for 10 Mar 2000

By March 10, 2000

Following India’s recent parliamentary elections, one evangelistic ministry is watching to see how the new leadership may effect the work they are doing. Dayspring International’s John Gilman describes the state of the church these days. “There are militant Hindus that are in favor of a Hindu state, but now the church across India has moved away from the foreign missionaries support as the young church in India really takes hold in a dynamic new way.” Gilman explains their film on the life of Christ reaches people because: “…it’s entertaining and dramatic and educational-it makes the people so comfortable. They love this movie on the life of Jesus and it relates to them in their cultural setting. If Jesus walked into one of their villages, they wouldn’t be able to distinguish him from the another villagers. That’s how relevant the Gospel is today in the villages of India.” Dayspring International will be sending new 100 new film teams throughout India this year with the film.

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