Story number 4 for 10 Mar 2000

By March 10, 2000

Meanwhile, Global Advance recently finished a series of Frontline Shepherd’s Conferences in India. Dr. David Shibley says while training the pastors for ministry, he came to believe that the persecution believers face has had a constructive result on the countenance of the church. “The reason for increased persecution in India is because of the advance of the Gospel and the tremendous growth of the church throughout most of India in the 1990’s. I believe that the growth will continue in the coming decade as well.” Shibley says this is because the martrydom of missionary Graham Staines and his sons actually galvanized the body of Christ. “I believe that Christians, by and large, though they are concerned for their own safety, certainly, they are really taking strength and being encouraged in the Lord. New churches continue to be planted throughout India.”

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