Story number 3 for 11 Apr 2002

By April 11, 2002

(Nepal)–Five Nepali national missionaries are just one example of that risk. Gospel for Asia’s KP Yohannon says these missionaries were arrested earlier this week. “We asked people to pray and thousands joined in prayer. By God’s grace they are released, but asked that they come back and report back to the police station every week. And, what they’re going to decide within a few weeks about their fate, we do not know.” Some believe the Hindu government may be responding to the large number of people coming to Christ. Yohannon says a 50-dollar gift can help that to continue. “Every penny of that money will go to Nepal. And, that will definitely help, if it’s a monthly help, to train at least one Nepali missionary. And, in three years time he is well equipped to go out and plant at least one church in the first year when he goes to the mission field.”

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