Story number 3 for 11 Feb 2003

By February 11, 2003

(India)–Christian broadcasters are hearing about persecution at the National Religious Broadcasters convention. Mission Network News’ Greg Yoder reports. “Bibles for the World’s Rochunga Pudaite is telling broadcasters about the 600-million Dalits who are renouncing Hinduism. He’s also telling them about attempts to hamper evangelistic efforts. He says Many states are passing anti-conversion laws. “Everywhere now, they’re trying to prohibit conversion, but according to the constitution, it’s not illegal. It is constitutionally right for anyone to change his religion. These persecutions are happening every day. Last year alone, we’re told that 395 India pastors and evangelists were put in prison.” Despite the problems, money is being raised to distribute Gospels of John with the hopes of seeing many turn to Christ. Greg Yoder, Mission Network News, Nashville, Tennessee.”

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