Story number 3 for 12 Apr 2001

By April 12, 2001

(Belize)–Belize, like many countries, is experiencing an alarming increase is HIV/AIDS. Health officials are only now beginning to understand that their approach is not effective enough. That news has authorities scrambling for solutions to the public health threat. He Intends Victory’s Jennifer Veary says that’s where their work comes in. “We’ll be sending three of our members down to Belize to speak to different schools and universities about the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It’s really hitting hard right now in Central America. They’re thinking about gathering all the people from the universities together in one location to meet with our speakers.” HIV is a global ministry leading the body of Christ toward a compassionate ministry to the HIV/AIDS community. “Pray for the open hearts of people in churches around the world because even now we’re finding that people are turning away people with HIV and AIDS.”

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