Story number 3 for 12 Sep 2000

By September 12, 2000

Olympic athletes and spectators will be on the receiving end of an evangelistic outreach in Australia. The International Bible Society is distributing scripture and other material to point people to Christ. Suz Hyde is a part of IBS’ World Outreach Team. She says giving away the More than Gold Interactive Guide will be a part of their outreach. “It includes things like some of the sports records and a spot for people to enter who wins the current medals as well as giving short quotes being an athlete as well as being a Christian. In the end, it also presents very clearly a short presentation of the Gospel.” Hyde says this distribution will be international in scope. “We’ve got it in two version of Chinese, French, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, Greek and Albanian. I believe we’ve also prepared it in the Czech language.” Multiple English versions are also available. Some 500-thousand copies of the booklet will be distributed.

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