Story number 3 for 13 Dec 2000

By December 13, 2000

HCJB World Radio has begun testing digital short-wave radio broadcasts, a cutting-edge technology that could revolutionize international broadcasting. HCJB World Radio’s Jim Ferrier explains why this move is significant. “Digital short-wave will enable us to greatly enhance the quality of the signal and the sound. Short-wave traditionally has had a lot of static, and, depending on how far away it was, it could be a clear signal, or a difficult signal to listen to. So, the digital technology will enable us to get the Gospel out to the world in a much clearer way.” Ferrier says the next phase of testing is slated for December 18th through the 21rst, and if all goes well, HCJB World Radio could begin digital short-wave broadcasting as early as 2003. “There are many countries in the world where missionaries cannot work on the ground, and so the ability to put a quality short-wave signal into those countries that can’t be blocked by the government is a way to get the Gospel to these people.”

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