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Published on 13 June, 2001

Story number 3 for 13 Jun 2001

(Inner Mongolia)–Inner Mongolia was the first national autonomous region established in China. However, the Mongols have since become an absolute minority in their homeland. China Partner’s Erik Burklin says it was under these conditions that they looked at a teaching partnership. “There’s not much being done for the church up there, and so, we were the very first evangelical foreign delegation that they had received. I think the hunger for the Lord is unprecedented; I think they just really are very genuine in their walk with the Lord and they want to know more on how to serve Him better.” Burklin says this provides a foundation for future ministry. “We realized here is a huge need for additional training on the grass-root levels. This was a small Bible training center. The China Christian Council is opening them up all over China now in addition to their existing seminaries and Bible schools.”

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