Story number 3 for 14 Apr 2003

By April 14, 2003

(Russia) — Children are the focus of ministry for Buckner Orphan Care International. Tiffany Taylor just returned from a short-term missions trip to Russia where their team was able to minister to children in 11 orphanages in and around Saint Petersburg. Taylor says nationals do the weekly work, so they go to assist. “You can take a group of Americans over there for a once a year visit, but that’s not going to make a difference in the children. What makes a difference is the on-going commitment that we have through these nationals that are just wonderful young Christians themselves that needed our support, our prayers, all year long.” Taylor says Buckner needs volunteers to help in programs all over the world. “We’re looking for volunteers to go this summer for week long trips where they will work, not with several orphanages, but with one orphanage doing a week long ministry camp, like a Bible study camp for these children.” Buckner also needs volunteers to hold shoe drives.

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