Story number 4 for 14 Apr 2003

By April 14, 2003

(Mozambique) — Meanwhile, missionary radio in is having an impact on church growth in Mozambique. Luis Zaqueu (looesh ZAH-kyo) is the national director Trans World Radio Mozambique. From their earliest broadcasts 13 years ago, in the most primitive of studios, hope began, because as people listened to the early broadcasts, they listened in groups, from which new churches were born. “We started a leadership development where we trained people through radio, but also having centers on the ground where they will come and get material. So, where we want to go from here is to duplicate this experience, taking into account that about 75% of our population is illiterate.” Zaqueu hopes to raise the money to expand their signal and Radio Kapital’s programming in order to provide hope to these people, still suffering the effects of a war long past.

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