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Published on 14 February, 2001

Story number 3 for 14 Feb 2001

(USA)–An organization that’s ministering to the needs of people with HIV and AIDS is doing more to help more people. He Intends Victory’s Joan Yorba-Gray has spearheaded an effort to translate the He Intends Victory book into Spanish. “I have AIDS and I haven’t been able to work full-time for several years and I thought, I’m Spanish-American and I’ve been studying Spanish most of my life. And, when I read the book it was so impressive, the testimonies and the information about HIV that I thought we really needed to translate it into Spanish.” Gray says people can come to Christ just by reading the book. She says this translation is important because… “We have such a large Spanish speaking population in the United States. AIDS is a growing problem in South America and Central America. So, what we’re hoping is that we can provide the hope that’s in Jesus Christ.”

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