Story number 3 for 14 Oct 2002

By October 14, 2002

(USA)–Cargo is flowing again now that a port lockout in the U-S has ended. The situation delayed a World Concern relief shipment to Haiti, recently hit by extensive floods and storm damage. While other containers holding food rotted on the docks, World Concern’s Coleen Ragsdale says theirs were not affected in that manner. “There [are] no perishable goods. Ours is clothing, medical items and items that aren’t going to perish. But we do have a top priority to get these needed supplies out to the families and hospitals as quickly as possible, so we are just praying that things will begin flowing…and smoothly.” Ragsdale says once the supplies arrive in Haiti, local church bodies’ll distribute them, which is how the evangelistic work is done. “Pray that things will move smoothly, and especially in our case, with relief supplies, that those families on the other side will be able to get those goods and their needs will be able to be met as we reach them bringing life and hope through word and deed.”

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