Story number 4 for 14 Oct 2002

By October 14, 2002

(USA)–Meanwhile, business is opening doors for evangelism in areas difficult to reach with the Gospel. Tom Sudyk (soo-dihk) is with Evangelistic Commerce. Sudyk explains their mission and purpose. “‘Evangelistic Commerce’ is founded to help business people get into significant businesses in restricted access countries. As many people know, missionaries aren’t real welcome in these countries, but businessmen are much more protected than a what you would call a ‘traditional tent-maker’ ministry because you’re bringing jobs to the community.” According to Sudyk, this is a covert opportunity to share the Gospel, and he says it’s working. “One factory in a country we have associated with us, over 80-percent of the people have come to Christ because of the witness of the factory managers. Basically, you get to share Christ 40-50 hours per week as opposed to just happen bumping into them in the city.” Go to our web site or call our resource line to find out how you can get involved.

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