Story number 3 for 15 Nov 2002

By November 15, 2002

(USA)–International Aid has seen a year’s journey from New York to Afghanistan bearing the message of hope. In their annual banquet, keynote speaker Heather Mercer says Thursday marked the one-year anniversary of her rescue from a Kabul prison. In spite of her ordeal, Mercer’s heart remains with the Afghanis. “They were desperately hopeless and really despairing as a nation over their future. I believe that the Afghan people need the opportunity to choose who they want to follow. And, I believe the Afghan people need to know that there’s a God who loves them and cares for them and that there’s hope for their country.” Mercer hopes to go back to Afghanistan soon. Until then: “My prayer is that a government will be established that will love mercy, will do justly and walk humbly with God. We can pray that God would bring many, many more people to go and serve in Afghanistan.”

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