Story number 4 for 15 Nov 2002

By November 15, 2002

(Romania)–And, missionary training is important if you want to be effective in sharing the Gospel. That’s the message from Mariana Groze (GROH-zay) from Romania who’s studying with International Messengers. When she returns to Romania, Groze will be working in a home for women who are going through a crisis pregnancy. “I think the training gave me a perspective (of) how to share the Gospel in a better way and how to meet their spiritual needs. Like how to pay attention to what they need and how to do it in an effective way. Not just do what I think (they need).” International Messengers is a four-month intensive training program for the average lay person. Groze tells us about the training she’s receiving. “We have different classes–like, we had pray(er), or evangelism; this week, we’re studying how to preach or teach, so we each have to prepare a lesson or sermon. And, also we had apologetics.”

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