Story number 3 for 15 Sep 2000

By September 15, 2000

In the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, more than one million civilians have now been forced to flee their homes by the fighting. Security issues mean that little outside help reaches the worst-affected areas, which also impact missions outreach. Grace Ministries International’s Jim Molenkamp. “We have a large number of churches in the affected area, and our churches are still going. We get reports that things are moving along very well, but our missionaries themselves, we have not allowed to go back into the interior because of safety concerns.” Molenkamp says while a ceasefire is technically on, a low-level conflict rumbles. He adds, because doors are opening, believers need to pray. “There are certain areas where people are still living out in the forest, because they’re afraid to go back into the towns because things aren’t safe there. But, we actually have had some areas that have report several new church plantings.”

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