Story number 3 for 17 Dec 2001

By December 17, 2001

(Israel)–As the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians rages on, the violence is having an impact on evangelism in the Holy Land. That’s the word from Jimmy DeYoung, a journalist working in Israel with Shofar Communications. DeYoung says Christians are doing more to reach out because there’s a sense of urgency. “There are many Christians. I’m talking about Israeli citizens who know Christ as Lord and Savior and they’re witnessing to friends and neighbors as well and that’s exciting to see. They realize the urgency of the moment.” DeYoung, who’s on a speaking tour in South America right now, says people need to pray for the protection of believers in the Palestinian Authority and Israel. “Palestinian or Jewish Christians are under attack by Islamic fundamentalists who want to rid the world of Christianity as well as any right to have freedom to spread the Gospel.”

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