Story number 3 for 18 Oct 2000

By October 18, 2000

Christian radio broadcasters are making fine progress in their effort to build homes for the needy in Jamaica. It’s Food for the Poor’s program called, 2000 in 2,000. Food for the Poor’s John Ramsuer gives us an update on this two-thousand dollar per home project. “We are a little bit less than where we planned on being at this time. We’re probably between 600 and 700 homes committed at this time, but there again we know that the Lord cares for each and every one of these families in Riverton City and we believe in our hearts that He can make it happen.” Ramsuer says the project is allowing them to share the Gospel. “Food for the Poor tries to link the church of the 1st world with the church of the 3rd world. And, how we actually do that is we go into these local areas and we find a pastor and we’ll literally use him to care for his community.”

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