Story number 3 for 19 Mar 2002

By March 19, 2002

(Kenya)–The plight of Kenya’s schools and teachers is reaching a crisis, as the educators are threatening a strike if their situation doesn’t improve. Poverty prevents most teachers from being able to do their jobs effectively. Bible Literature International’s Brad Quicksall says that’s why their program has been readily accepted. “In Kenya, they simply don’t have materials in schools. They’ll welcome anything that you can give them, whether it’s Christian-oriented or not, because it’ll help them learn English. So, they welcome the Bible with open arms, because they just don’t have anything to give the students; there’s nothing that they can take as textbooks or anything else to learn from.” Quicksall says the outreach has touched many lives. “Through this program alone, 8,690 teachers and students professed a faith in Christ because of their visits. It wasn’t all because of the distribution of literature, but that opened the door for them.”

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