Story number 3 for 2 Apr 2002

By April 2, 2002

(South Africa)–The AIDS pandemic is killing millions of moms and dads in South Africa, leaving millions of children orphaned. Evangelical Baptist Mission’s new ministry called “Bethesda Outreach International” is trying to protect these children by building communities of refuge for them. David Seefried is the Executive Director. “The ministry is designed to place the children in communities of refuge so that they will not be sexually abused and we can bring them through the pandemic of AIDS uninfected – trained Biblically and send them out into the next generation to impact the continent of Africa.” Once established, it will be home to community evangelistic outreach, which is already underway. Seefried has high hopes. “I firmly believe that with the death rate rising, there is a possibility I believe of bearing his great arm of power and sweeping the thousands into his kingdom in the midst of this pandemic.”

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