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Published on 02 December, 1999

Story number 3 for 2 Dec 1999

Years of civil war in Liberia has left the country decimated and looking for answers. Feeding the Starving Children is an evangelical humanitarian relief group. Richard Sandbatch describes the situation there. “A person flies in to Monrovia and they see devastation. They go into the city and building are burned out. You see the land has been raped and ravaged. That’s what people see – the total devastation of an economy and of the land.” According to Sandbatch the people of Liberia need everything – clothing, shelter, food and the message of the Gospel. He says Feeding Starving Children will be using food as a way to share the Gospel. “That’s our main focus is to see a spiritual rebirth as well an economy as well as an economy as well as the children being nourished and back to health, a healthy population of people.”

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About Liberia

  • Primary Language: English
  • Primary Religion: Ethnic Religions
  • Evangelical: 14.6%
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