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Published on 02 December, 1999

Story number 4 for 2 Dec 1999

Meanwhile, Colombia continues to struggle in the throes of birthing a peace process. Christians have been experiencing more violence against them causing their work to suffer. But, Back to the Bible’s Dave Hansen says: “We’re dealing with a civil war that’s been going on for forty years and some say as many as 35-thousand people have been killed in the last decade. It’s in that turmoil that ministry is taking place-there are those that are working among prisons…Back to the Bible’s Spanish ministry is transmitting programs on 199 stations throughout Latin America.” Hansen compares the spiritual climate in Colombia to that of another persecuted church. “It’s a little bit like China. While turmoil is taking place, God is at work. There obviously is fear, but at the same time, at least among the nationals, I’m finding that it is a church that has taken advantage of the opportunities and has had great response.”

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