Story number 3 for 2 Oct 2002

By October 2, 2002

(Czech Republic)–Flood damages in the Czech Republic are said to be in the billions and repairs may take months. Educational Services International’s Carice Blazo says the floods not only delayed repairs on their teacher housing, but put off the first day of classes as well. When the teams took to relief work, they found an openness. “They feel a connection when people care for them, or vice versa. They really cared for the U-S last year, after 9-11, so, it really opened up doors to talk. I think in times of crisis, there is often softer hearts and a lot of people willing to share and discuss things.” Blazo thinks the reputation of hardened hearts in the Czech Republic may be a bit harsh, adding the Gospel is penetrating. “I think they’ve had so many bad things happen to them throughout the years and years and years, that they tend to be cynical about things, but I don’t think that they’re completely closed off. So just, any little tiny opening to soft hearts, pray that those open wide and also for our teachers to be bold.”

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