Story number 3 for 20 Jun 2002

By June 20, 2002

(China/Myanmar)–Additional funding is needed to help the Lisu people long the China/Myanmar border. Because of the lack of funding, Far East Broadcast Company has had to pull one-third of the Lisu radio programming off the air. FEBC’s Seth LaTour was just in the region and says this is a tremendous evangelistic tool. “It really is one of the only tools because there aren’t a lot of Christian materials in these languages. And so, these radio broadcasts are really something that people can introduce the friends too, or people in neighboring villages to. So, it’s definitely a very important evangelistic tool.” FEBC’s President Jim Bowman says this group is effectively sharing the Gospel and people should get involved. “We’re just appealing, quite frankly, for some support to get this broadcast back on the air. If people would commit to 18-dollars a month and we had 100 people do that, that would put the program back on the air.”

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