Story number 3 for 21 Dec 2000

By December 21, 2000

It may look like a book, and read like a book, but it’s really Scripture. Since fewer and fewer Americans are reading the Scripture, the International Bible Society has created a new series of books that appeal to individuals. IBS’ Glenn Paauw. “We just thought we would tackle this problem head on by developing a new series of books of which, David is the first, called “People of the Book” series. And, basically, it’s a representation of the actual text of Scripture, but in a format that makes it much more enjoyable and inviting to read.” Paauw says the books reads and looks like a book, even though it’s 100-percent scripture. He says it’s a great evangelistic tool. “We think non-Christians in particular are just miles away from the Bible these days, but yet they’re on a great spiritual search. And, if we were to connect those searching people with the text of the Bible in a new and creative way that great things are going to happen.”

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