Story number 3 for 21 Feb 2001

By February 21, 2001

(India)–People in the country of India now have a new translation of scripture that’s easy to read. The World Bible Translation Center just released the Punjabi and Malayalam New Testaments at ceremonies in India. World Bible Translation Centers’ Dale Randolph says this translation will aid in evangelism. “We’ve had very good response from our text. Of course no one has had a great deal of break through evangelism in India. The Hindus are very hard to reach with the Gospel. But, we’ve had great respect for what we’re doing text wise. The Hindus enjoy particularly our Bibles, as opposed to the traditional text because it doesn’t have all the Christianized words and so forth in it.” Randolph says this is just another step in reaching their goal in India. “We intend to do translations of the whole Bible in the 16 major languages of India. And, thus far, I think we’re in 13 of the language. We’re projecting, at least having a New Testament, in all of the languages here within about another three to four years.” Funding is needed to help them reach that goal.

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