Story number 3 for 21 Feb 2002

By February 21, 2002

(USA)–It’s no secret that the need for more missionaries internationally is on the rise. International Messengers’ Bob Rassmusson says their missionary training program takes an interest in outreach, and grooms it to fulltime ministry. He explains what makes it unusual. “One of the goals of International Messengers is not only to train and motivate people from North America to go overseas as missionaries, but also to challenge people from other nations to catch the vision, not only to reach their own nations, but to go cross-culturally.” Hungarian Gyorgyi Marjai (GEOR-zhee MAWR-jeye) is training with International Messengers. Her vision is for Poland. “I have a heart for Polish young people because we have lots of connection between our countries. We are just friends, in our culture, in our history, in our literature, even in our music, almost in everything.”

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