Story number 3 for 22 Aug 2003

By August 22, 2003

(Burkina Faso)–Compassion International continues to expand their ministry to help the people of West Africa. They’ve begun an outreach to poverty stricken Burkina Faso. “One reason was church receptivity. As we went in there we were embraced and welcomed by a ready and willing church wanting and desirous to be able to develop programs for children in poverty. We felt that there was just fertile soil to be able to really maximize our impact in a short period of time.” Compassion’s Mark Yeadon says, so far, the government is receptive, and allowed them to register. He asks for prayer, not only for their financial needs, but also that God opens doors for the Gospel. “Praying for the right staff, a Godly group of individuals where we can build our nucleus in order to launch our ministry, openness on behalf of the churches when we actually get into the logistics of developing programs, wisdom on exactly where to go.” Burkina Faso is the first of several West African countries Compassion hopes to help.

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