Story number 3 for 22 Mar 2000

By March 22, 2000

In Eastern Europe, New Hope International is dedicated to training and equipping the existing church, working within the public school systems and setting up Christian publishing houses. New Hope has a team in place this week in the Ukraine doing just that. NHI’s Hank Paulson says: “Their purpose is to equip nationals in family counseling. The leaders of the churches in the Ukraine have said ‘Hey-this is a tremendous need’. Everything we do is to respond to what are felt needs on the field.” Paulson adds that the partnership they’ve developed works toward the future. “We, in turn, have said to the church leaders, ‘Select up to twelve couples and we will come and provide over a two-year program, training and resource materials to make those workers more effective’. Local leaders there have said, ‘These are key people that we trust. Can you further equip them for ministry within our communities and churches?'” Paulson says this approach to working with the national staff gives a sense of local commitment, vital for the ministry’s longevity.

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