Story number 3 for 22 Nov 2000

By November 22, 2000

Sudan’s civil war has taken its toll on the people living in the south, but it hasn’t snuffed out the light of the Gospel. SIM missionary Darrel Welling says he’s learned to enjoy the challenges his field provides. “Because I’m a foreigner, I’m a missionary, I’m an American, I can’t leave the capital city. I can’t travel. There are a lot of displaced people because of the civil war in the South, living in north Sudan; they all start these little churches, like brush arbors, all over the place.” Welling details some of the avenues of ministry in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital city. “There is the children’s ministry for street boys in Khartoum North; SIM has a very growing ministry. There’s also a different type of street boys’ ministry; they are mainly teenage boys-they have an education program, but they also have a hostel for them.”

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