Story number 2 for 22 Nov 2000

By November 22, 2000

We turn next to Nigeria, where Christians showing the “Jesus” film in Kebbi state’s capital have been warned to discontinue their evangelistic efforts. Kebbi, is a new Sharia law state, however, Christians in the area say they have been experiencing persecution for years. Gospel Revival Ministries’ Rich Brown. “It is a sensitive time for Christians because Christians are really almost the aliens in the country. There’s kind of a ‘wait and see’ attitude; they’re walking very tenderly there, [and] the government has its eyes open.” Brown says since sharia, the outside world is taking notice of the plight of the churches in the northern states. “The persecutions that we’re hearing about are coming out of the very avid Muslim communities. The Christian workers in those areas are really taking the brunt of that. They need our prayers, but again, these people that have been on the front lines of Christian evangelism and Christian work for many, many years and they really appreciate our support, especially our prayer support.”

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