Story number 3 for 22 Nov 2002

By November 22, 2002

(Vietnam)–Vietnam has not been a country open to traditional evangelistic work. However, one agency has gone the non-traditional route with an English tutorial program. Educational Services International’s Stephanie Tebow says their outreach has grown because of the natural respect the people have for teachers. “I think that our success in the classroom and our respect for the culture has given us great success because we are invited into newer environments. What takes place is that people begin to develop a certain personal respect for you as well, not just simply as an educator, but as a volunteer coming and giving of your time, and of your energy and even of your funds.” Tebow says the path to Gospel is then open. “Suddenly, they recognize that you’re not simply coming to evangelize, but that you come first, out of a sense of love for them, because you have first been loved. And then, suddenly, they hear with new ears, the Gospel.”

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