Story number 3 for 23 Jun 2000

By June 23, 2000

World Servants is visualizing what could happen in church’s not-too-distant future through training and short-term mission experiences. The organization sends teams throughout Central and South America, parts of Eastern Europe and the Appalachia’s. World Servant’s Chris Clum says they are facing one problem. “We primarily have interest in going to a lot of the countries that are in the Middle East, and the Far East; a big challenge for us is cost. One of the things we’ve talked about is trying to find a way that we can get a sponsorship fund set up that people can help subsidize costs for people to go into the mission field.” Clum says their future plans for expanded outreach include: “We want to come alongside the people that we’re working with and we want to meet physical and spiritual needs. Often times in the places where we go, there’s tremendous physical, practical issues that these people are facing. What a wonderful way to demonstrate God’s love and to show them that we really care.”

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