Story number 3 for 23 May 2002

By May 23, 2002

(China)–Teaching business could be the tool used to share the Good News in communist China. Horace Hardison of Educational Services International says he needs six teachers for their comprehensive business program and their management and marketing program. “For the comprehensive program, the person would really need to have a masters’ in business or a law degree or possibly a bachelors’ degree in business with maybe five to six years with actual business experience. For the other program, they would need to have a minimum of a bachelors’ degree in business, but they could just be a college graduate.” Hardison says this could be a great way to share the Good News in a country that’s closed to the Gospel. “This is one way they can serve in an area where they have expertise, degree and training. In reaching the students they can present business in a way that’s very relevant, yet also from a perspective of morality and being able to the best job possible in the business world.”

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