Story number 3 for 24 Apr 2002

By April 24, 2002

(Africa)–A recent visit to Sub-Saharan Africa by the U-S Secretary of
Health and Human Services builds upon the American support of the Global
Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.
World Vision International, a
Christian relief and development organization was part of that delegation.
World Vision’s Rich Sterns says they are partnering with the church to
combat the AIDS pandemic. “That’s a way we can multiply our
effectiveness, because we have limited resources, limited staff. But if
we can go into the churches and train the staff and the lay people in the
churches, then they can be additional arms and legs in this battle.”
Sterns says the crisis at hand is more than a group of statistics. It
demands a response from believers. “When you dig beneath the statistics
on HIV, what you find is innocent women and children who are being
devastated by this disease. You find these 12-million orphans are real
children that have no future and very little hope in their lives, and they
really need the compassion of the body of Christ.”

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