Story number 3 for 25 Jul 2000

By July 25, 2000

Evangelical relief organizations are planting seeds of the Gospel as they feed the hungry in Ethiopia. International Aid’s Sonny Enriquez just returned from the drought stricken country where 10-point-six million people face malnutrition. Enriquez describes the situation in the southwest. “25-percent of the women stood up and said that our children died. One family I interviewed, a family of 10 children, from January to June six of their children died as a result of severe malnutrition.” I-A is assisting with food, medicine and water distribution to the predominately Muslim southwest region. Enriquez says the church is getting even more involved than 1984-85. “They’re asking the Lord, why is He allowing this to happen again. Did they, as a church, were they not able to respond to the first situation. So, they’re asking the Lord how they could be used in witnessing.”

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