Story number 3 for 25 Oct 2001

By October 25, 2001

(Undated)–Christians shouldn’t let current events stymie evangelistic efforts around the world. That’s the word from Doctor David Shibley of Global Advance. “The Great Commission is not conditional and it has not been rescinded. It doesn’t say if the climate is conducive to evangelism go and preach the Gospel. Our Lord just gave us a very clear command under what ever conditions, go and make disciples of all the nations and preach the Gospel to every person.” Shibley says that’s why they’re continuing with their Frontline Shepherd’s conferences. “And now more than ever, it just makes sense to equip these national pastors and church leaders who are desperate for training, desperate for resources and yet we can partner with them to bring a fulfillment to the Great Commission and the reaching of every people group with the Gospel.” A conference is scheduled for the Middle East. Pray that as a result these pastors will be able to reach many with the Gospel message.

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