Story number 3 for 26 Jun 2003

By June 26, 2003

(Haiti)–The number of malnutrition and neglect cases at Food For The Poor’s pediatric hospital in Haiti has risen steadily since last year. With fewer jobs, an unstable economy and higher food prices, poor parents can’t take care of their children. Food For The Poor’s Robin Mahfood says the influx of such cases severely taxes the hospital’s resources. “These clinics frequently find themselves facing unexpected situations, like emergency surgery and care of children like Moses.” ‘Moses’ is an infant left for dead in the streets of Haiti. A passerby brought the injured baby to the clinic where staff reached out. Mahfood says this encompasses their mission. “The Bible tells us our heavenly Father will not abandon us in our hour of need. He knows when the smallest of sparrows falls to the ground. Surely, on that chilled, grayish morning, when Moses cried out for help, God heard that tiny sparrow fall, and rescued him.”

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