Story number 3 for 27 Nov 2000

By November 27, 2000

A new Christian foster care program in the Ukraine is focusing on helping young people stay off the streets. New Hope International’s Hank Paulson says their staff found that many of the orphans leaving the homes were not prepared for living as an adult. As a result, many of the girls will enter prostitution, while the boys will get involved with crime. Paulson explains their approach. “We don’t just want to place them with a family. We want to go a step further and say that family has to be a committed Christian family; they have to be part of a very supportive church, and a church that has a youth ministry where orphan kids can connect with peers and transition into real life.” Paulson says prayer is a vital part of the mix. “Pray that once we get working contracts on the table, there won’t be any complications. Pray that the first group of kids find the right homes, the right supportive environments, so that this trial phase will build confidence within the churches.”

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