Story number 3 for 28 Jan 2002

By January 28, 2002

(USA)–Christians in the United States lack the training they need to effectively reach Muslims with the Gospel. That’s the message given to us from Don Richardson of Don Richardson Ministries. “The assumption has been that Christians are never going to meet Muslims so we don’t need to teach Christians about them. Well, the assumption is no longer valid because Muslims are right here in America right now, but Christian education has not re-geared itself to educate Christians to the new challenge.” Richardson says there are some books that can help. “”Islam Reviewed” by M. Ali, the one who was trained to be a Muslim priest in northern Nigeria and is now a Christian evangelist there. He gives us an insider’s view. Another one is, “Sharing You Faith with a Muslim” by Abdul Haqq. And then the testimony of a Muslim woman from Pakistan and that one’s called “A Torn Veil”.”

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