Story number 3 for 28 Jun 2000

By June 28, 2000

The King of Togo is helping an evangelistic ministry to reach the lost with the Gospel his West African country. Bibles for the World’s Ro Pudaite says he had a chance meeting with King Ayi (eye-YAY) in Texas recently. “At the end of the meeting, he begged for Bibles for Togo. He said there is nothing that will do more for our land than the word of God. You can ship them in a container as much as you want and I’ll see to it that all of the three million people will have the word of God and I will help you with the distribution.” Pudaite says with the King’s help Bibles of the World can touch the whole nation with the word of God. However, they need your help to make it happen. “And so, right now we are praying and asking God for the means, whereby we can print 2 or 3 million Bibles for Togo. We can print and deliver to the people there for just about one-dollar a copy.”

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