Story number 3 for 28 May 2003

By May 28, 2003

(Dominican Republic)–Mission Evangelism’s Adrian Jones says for many in the Dominican Republic, there is little hope. Among the poorest of the poor, there are Haitian slave communities. It is in this atmosphere, that Mission Evangelism works, providing biblical help within the context of an orphanage. “I’d say probably about 90-percent of them come out of the Haitian communities, what we call ‘batays’, and they come to the orphanage knowing they will be taken care of. They’re also taking a lot of older people. They’re there because no one else will care for them.” Jones says Mission Evangelism is struggling with finances because of the prolonged U-S recession. Without help, their challenge grows greater. “It’s easy to send money to anyone during good days, but if we do that during bad times, the Lord has promised us that He would bless us abundantly, that He would supply our needs and He would do through us and in us, what has never been done before.”

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